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Just what is Cycle Time,
Tooling & Fixturing
all about?

These are machining operations that happen during a Computer Numerical Control cycle, such as cutting, tapping, drilling, milling, finishing, and any other type of machining process that in any way furthers the completion of the piece. There are two methods in which a machine shop can achieve this, in order to shorten the time of the cycle in these areas. One is to be very cautious in planning of the procedure.

The engineer of the process has to choose the appropriate devices such as tooling, fixturing, cutting devices, and the order of the machining in such a way that it matches the amount of parts to be machined that’s be based on the amount of production. Cycle time will reflect whatever procedures that different machine shops use to make the pieces.

If in the numerous times that your business’s procedures have currently been developed and executed before you start your cycle time reduction protocol, then your 2nd alternative is to optimize cutting operations for this would involve properly choosing cutting device products, feeds, and speeds to machine work pieces as effectively as possible with the present process.

on-line jobs

The very first thing that CNC people are most likely to look at for improvement is the lost protocol working time. Getting program execution time to a minimum in this area is usually very easy to achieve.

It usually only takes little more than keeping a good eye on the run of production for a small number of pieces in order to figure out the times that the procedures can be changed in order to remove the stop times which happen during each cycle. Always be mindful that while working on the devices, not to overlook procedures where you might worry about lowering protocol execution and disregard other important procedures, which could actually lengthen the cycle time.

off-line, tasks

These would be tasks that are done during the cycle that do nothing productive to further the completion of the work to be performed. These are the many different types of tasks that are done while the device is making each piece that do nothing to add to the cycle time. It’s completely possible to relieve the machine operator of doing off-line productive jobs during times when they don’t have much of anything to do during the longer machine cycles.

Productive, off-line tasks

These are tasks that are done away by the Computer Numerical Control device (CNC), during the times when the machine is producing the pieces that would further help the completion of the piece. This is extremely helpful during long cycles and can reduce the time it takes to significantly complete the production run, which would be very successful in reducing the cycle time.

These are the classifications that take place in the CNC device. Always keep in mind how important it is to choose the right tooling, fixture, cutting devices, and the correct order of machining in a way that it matches the amount of pieces that must be machined based on the amount of the production cycle. The cycle time always reflects the procedures that the shop uses to make the work pieces.

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